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Please help your child to learn the spellings for each half term for their year group. There will be a test before each holiday to see if they can remember that half term's spelling list. These spellings are from the National Curriculum's statutory list  for each year group.

You can help your child to learn the spellings by using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Ask them to look at the word, read it, cover it up, write it and then check if they are correct. You can also ask your child to spell the word aloud using letter names rather than letter sounds, which can be misleading. Regular practice will help to embed these spellings.

In addition your child will  bring home weekly spellings in a special book with space to practise writing spellings. These spellings will be based on the spelling patterns covered that week in either Phonics or Spelling lessons. The spellings will be handed out on Friday and need to be returned by Wednesday of the following week.

Summer Term 1 Spelling lists for April-May

Spring Term Spelling list February-March 2024

Spring Term Spelling list January - February