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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Year four parents, here you will find useful information, pictures of children and their work. At the top of this page, there are useful links for supporting home learning.


Class 3 Curriculum Planning for 2022-2023 Summer Term



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Times Tables Rock stars Day

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed times tables rock stars day. It is a fantastic program that helps children learn their times tables homework in a fun and exciting way. Today, they took part in a battle of the bands!


Scientific investigation 

The children conducted an investigation to determine the preferred niche habitats of minibeasts. They worked on their scientific skills including: making predictions, creating a fair test and discussing possible human errors that could be made. 



Harvest Festival 

Year 4 confidently delivered their acrostic poem for the Harvest Festival. 




Viking Workshop

The Imagining History team delivered a fantastic, drama - led workshop to support children's knowledge of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.  



Arnside and Levens Hall Geography trip

The children walked up Arnside Knott to have a vantage point of River Kent's estuary. They recreated the journey of the river using natural resource found at the top of Arnside Knott.  In the afternoon, the children conducted a study of a meander and saw examples of erosion and deposition.