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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


A mixture of Year 4 and 5, here you will find useful information, pictures of children and their work. At the bottom of this page there are useful links for supporting home learning.




Class 3 Curriculum Planning for 2022-2023 Summer Term




Homework Letter for Parents






Shang Dynasty Pottery


Children in class 3 have designed and created replica pottery from the Shang Dynasty era. They did a fantastic job of molding the clay into the right shape. The simplistic, etched designs are similar to pottery found and dated to the Shang Dynasty. 





Geography trip to Castlehead 


The children had the exciting opportunity to learn more about maps and geography fieldwork skills at Castlehead. They started off in a classroom, sharing knowledge of what they already knew and then took part in reading and making maps, treasure hunts and orienteering. 




Shang Dynasty Workshop 


Class 3 and 4 had the exciting opportunity to take part in a Shang Dynasty workshop. They completed various drama based activities (such as, freeze frames and acting out scenes) to deepen their understanding of what life was like during the Shang Dynasty era.





Computing - editing audio 


Class 3 have been experimenting how to edit audio recordings. They enjoyed learning how to trim audio clips as well as edit the volume and pace. 




Volcanic eruption


Class 3 acted out the process of a volcanic eruption.  





Design Technology 


Class 3 designed and created healthy pizzas. The photos below show the preparation process. 





Design Technology 


The children had a chance to look at fresh crops provided by a local farmer - Sam Clarke. They were very interested in Sam's work and wrote a letter asking many interesting questions. See below for the wonderful reply. 





Design Technology Presentations


It was so lovely to see all the children stand up in front of the class and present their slideshows on the different food groups. Well done.





In our class novel, 'The firework maker's daughter', our main character (Lila) attends a moon festival. The children created freeze frames of what they might come across in a moon festival. They will use this activity to inspire their descriptive writing. 



Organs of the body

Class 3 were provided with organs and were tasked with placing them on the correct area of the body. They were very intuitive and managed to get many correct. Well done!



Working Scientifically 


As our autumn term topic (the body) does not allow for much scientific investigation we began the first lesson by looking at working scientifically. Children had to create an investigation to determine the preferred habitat for insects. 



Trip to Vindolanda


Here are some pictures from our trip to Vindolanda. We had fun creating freeze frames and taking part in a Roman lesson from a Roman teacher!



Exemplar work 




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