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Class 3

Hello to all of class 3 (and your parents)!


This is where you will find your home learning materials during these school closures. Nothing we can provide you from home can replicate being in school, and we want you to know that your health and well being is absolutely our priority in these strange times. We only want you to do the best you can with the resources we are providing you. We know that what you can manage will depend a lot on your circumstances at home and we don’t want you worrying about not managing to do it all.


We also know that doing a little school work each day will help to reduce the impact of the school closures and it will add a bit of structure to your days at home.


Below is a suggested timetable for the key activities to help you prioritise the learning and to keep your key skills ticking over until we can all be back at school again. THIS IS ONLY A SUGGESTION. The priority is to try and do a little maths and reading each day and to keep looking after yourselves and keep smiling!


30 mins

White Rose Maths home learning. Follow the tutorial and complete the worksheet provided. If you are finding this too tricky, do the place value revision sheets instead.

15 mins

Times Table Rock Stars or Prodigy. You may want to alternate each day. For those children who are not yet confident with all their times tables, TTRS is the priority.

30 mins

Writing Task. There will be a piece of writing to do each week with a writing skill to focus on. I will also give children some smaller tasks which build up the skills needed for the main piece of writing.

15 mins

Spelling practice using the Spelling Frame website which has games and you can also test your knowledge.

15-20 mins

Reading – including book quizzes on accelerated reader. There may also be a reading comprehension task on the English page, linked to the writing task.


In addition to this, you have your topic activities which were given before schools closed and I will be adding some ideas for science learning at home to do as and when you get chance.


And finally, enjoy your time at home. And don’t forget to tidy your rooms!


Best wishes


Mrs Jackson