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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


This page is for parents and children in class 1 (Reception and Year1). This is where you will find out what class 1 have been learning about, key information about routines, and links to useful websites.

Parent information for the new academic year 2022-23

This term our topic is Transport

The Reception and Year 1 children have had a great start to the school year. The children have been interacting in activities, helping them with their learning and development.

They have enjoyed playing and learning both indoors and outdoors developing lots of different skills through the transport topic.

They have been counting and recognising numbers in maths and practising mark making and letter formation in the phonics and literacy activities.

They have enjoyed being outdoors in all weathers on 'Wellie Wednesdays', going on Autumn hunts, creating 'Mud Faces' and 'buses' using natural materials.

In Literacy the Year 1's have been creating storyboards for the story 'Naughty Bus'. Here is some of their work.

In Literacy the reception children wrote about what they saw on their journey to school.

Design Technology - Pizza designing and making

Class 1 designed and made pizzas for our Design Technology project. We learnt about being healthy and what made a healthy, well balanced diet. 

We designed our own pizza, talked about hygiene and hand washing before we touch any food, we used knives safely to develop our cutting skills and used different toppings to make our own pizza. 

The children enjoy creative activities, like painting and playing with play dough and love to play imaginatively, taking on different roles in their play, for example, a train driver, a conductor collecting tickets on the train or pretending to be teachers.

In science the children have been learning about the human body; the different parts of the body and the five senses. The children were engaged in labelling life size pictures of each other outdoors. 

We created 'Mud Faces' during Wellie Wednesday. All the children loved getting their hands muddy!

In PE lessons the children have been combining different movements with ease and fluency, also developing their overall body-strength, balance, co-ordination and agility. 

The children have been independent in their learning through imaginative play and creative activities.

Here are some useful websites for you to use at home to practise key skills.