St Patrick's Church of England School

St Patrick'sChurch of England School

Learning Together, Growing Together, Supporting Each Other




At St Patrick’s Church of England Preschool we take 2 to 4 year old children; grant accepted or payable session available.  We follow the EYFS Development Matters. Every child’s time here is a stimulating, exciting and happy learning experience. In a caring and accepting environment, your child will be able to build upon the social, emotional and intellectual foundation which you have started.


Your child will be able to experiment with new activities, explore the creative possibilities of art and craft, the exhilaration of adventurous play, develop ideas and communicate them freely. They will have the opportunity to develop and practice the social skills that are so important for a happy and satisfying life. Your child will learn to respect the rights of others, and the value of cooperation and sharing with others.

We will prepare your child for school, i.e., use of facilities such as the Hall, school playground, vegetable garden and library.


There are seven characteristics of effective practice that underpin our ethos:


1) The Best for Every Child - we provide an all-inclusive environment where children feel valued, and their opinions and interests are taken into account by having a flexible approach to the curriculum. 


2) High Quality Care - we are team of four very knowledgeable and caring practitioners who hold the wellbeing of all our children in the fore front of our practice.  We have the experience to support our children with any difficult transitions they might experience.


3) Curriculum - we offer a varied and challenging curriculum that stimulates the children's imagination and enthusiasm for learning. We have planned targets that are incorporated through adult led activities which encourage independent learning through play.  The targets are linked directly to EYFS Development Matters alongside the school's termly theme.


4) Pedagogy (our teaching methods) - we regularly assess the classroom and change the layout to encourage high quality play.  Our adult led activities are a mixture of guided and group work, this ensures that the children have the right skills to enable them to develop their independent learning through play.


5) Assessment - We assess our children all the time through discussions and observations.  This enables us to develop an excellent knowledge of each child and helps us understand the next steps they need to take to progress. 


6) Self-regulation and executive function - We guide our children and provide opportunities to act out situations that encourage the life skills they will require to be able to cooperate and communicate with their peers and adults.


7) Partnership with Parents - We have close relationships with our parents and carers.  We talk to them on a daily basis so that we can inform them of their child's progress.  They receive reports that encourage them to provide fed back.  We hold events that include parents and carers, for example our story around the Christmas Tree.  We use Google Classroom and email to inform parents about what is happening.


The three characteristics of effective teaching and learning, which are embedded in our day-to-day sessions, are: 

  • Playing and exploring
  • Active learning
  • Creating and thinking critically

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