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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


This page is for parents and children in class 4. This is where you will find out what class 4 have been learning about, key information about routines and homework, and links to important websites. 




Class 4 Curriculum Planning 2022-23 Summer Term




Parent Information Letter (sent out in September)



Geometry - measuring angles


Year 5 and 6 have been learning about angles and practicing using a protractor to measure them accurately. We stuck washy tape to the tables to create lots of different angles and practiced measuring them.



Moon Phases

Year 6 have been learning about why the moon appears different shapes throughout the month. We have learnt the names of the different phases in a lunar month. We used oreo cookies to create a model of the moons phases. Ask them to explain what a waxing and waning gibbous are!




Shang Dynasty Pottery

This term we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty and we spent some time in our art lessons looking at pottery from that time. Using our observations and research, we designed and made a clay pot. We use pinching or coils to shaoe them and simple designs to decorate.





Year 6 have been working hard on their maths this term and have begun to use algebra. This week we were forming equations from diagrams and word descriptions. We began the lesson by recapping how to represent an algebraic expressions using concrete resources.




Darwin's Finches Science Investigation

We explored natural selection by modelling the Galapagos Island's and the finches beaks to discover which beak shape was most suited to it's evironment. We used sand, mud, rocks and grass to create the environment, then we sprinkled various items to represent the food e.g. rice, beans and pasta shapes. We then used a variety of items to represent the different beak shapes of the finches. This has helped us to understand how certain characteristics are suited to the environment and allow a better chance of survival. 





Shang Dynasty Workshop 


Class 3 and 4 had the exciting opportunity to take part in a Shang Dynasty workshop. They completed various drama based activities (such as, freeze frames and acting out scenes) to deepen their understanding of what life was like during the Shang Dynasty era.





Design Technology - Pizzas

We designed and made pizzas for our design technology this term. We considered who are target market were, how we would make it a balanced meal, costed up our ingredients and how to make it taste and look appealing. We then made our pizzas, even making the dough from scratch and learning about the role of yeast in making bread. 





What's in our blood?

We used various items to model the components of blood. As we made our models we discussed each components job. Ask your child about the lesson to see what they can remember. 


Caesar's Landing Freeze Frames

The children used a translation of Julius Caesars account of his invasion of Britain to create freeze frames. They created a different one for each paragraph. 





The children enjoyed their trip to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum. They discovered how Roman soldiers would have lived at that time and even witness a real archaeological dig happening. 



The Circulatory System

We modelled the circulatory system using hoops, labels, coloured card and ourselves. The childen were the red blood cells, the hoops were the lungs, heart and the rest of the body and the coloured card represented the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.




The Viewer

The children wrote and peformed list poems using an image from Shaun Tanns 'The Viewer' for their stimulus





Examples of our work from this term



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