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Class 4

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Year 6 had a lot of fun this morning exloring the living things in our local environment. We had a go at classifying the plants, trees, fungi and minibeasts that we discovered. We even had a go at building a shelter for a woodland animal. It was wet and muddy, but they all had a great time!

When we got back to school, each child chose one of the samples we had collected and had a go at some botanical drawing. I was very impressed with the care they took and the detail they included in these. Amazing work year 6, well done!

Woodland Habitats

Year 6 have had a wonderful first day of their last year at St Patrick's and have begun creating their 'Icebergs of Success'. They used a geometric design and watercolours to do this. They have worked very hard and have come into school today with positive and enthusiastic attitudes. I am very proud of them! Take a look at some of their brilliant work below. We will update you with the finished peices next week.

First Day of Class 4!