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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


This page is for parents and children in class 4. This is where you will find out what class 4 have been learning about, key information about routines and homework, and links to important websites. 

Class 4 Curriculum Planning 2023-24

Parent Information Letter (sent out in September)

Guitar Practice

Mr Duesbury has sent some of the guitar music so you can practice it at home. 

African Printing

We have been developing our printing skills this term in art. We have used African artists as our inspiration and have created printing blocks, used overlays of colour and reapeating patterns to create our designs which will then be used on the bags we will be making in design technology.

Colour Mixing ready for printing



Design Technology - Sewing Bags

This term we have worked extremely hard designing and making our own shopping bags. We have learnt about how to use market research and evaluation of existing products to come up with a set of design criteria. We have then developed our own designs and created paper mock-ups to inform these. We developed our sewing skills to complete our wonderful creations. Finally, we used what we have learnt in our art this term to print designs on our bags. 

Complete Woven Landscapes

We finally did it! Class 4 have completed their landscapes using weaving. They are all very proud of their final peices. And I am also very proud of them and of how hard they have worked. Don't they look amazing!



Investigating Microorganisms

In science we have been learning about miscroorganisms that are harmful and useful. We investigated yeast and discussed how it is used to make bread rise. We decided to investigate whether the amount of sugar in the mixture affected how much gas was produced. We discovered that yeast produces more gas when it has more sugar. This is because it is a living organism that respires, so the sugar is converted into carbon dioxide. 



Life in Viking Britain

We have enjoyed learning about different aspects of viking life in Britain. We learnt about the Coppergate excavations, deciphered viking runes and examined a map of Britain to find place names with viking suffixes. 



Looms warped and ready for the weft

We have now had our first go at warping up a loom, so we are one step closer to creating our landscape designs. We discussed the variety of materials that can be used as a loom e.g. wire coat hangers, old picture frames, paper plates and cardboard. We experimented with keeping the weft taught and discovered how the weft being too loose made it tricky to weave. Some of us even had a go at weaving on our own looms. We discovered that circular weaving on the plates was tricky to start with. Next we are going to experiment with embellishments to our weaving and plan our landscape designs in our sketch books.



Working Together

Class 4 have been learning about how we can collaborate on projects using networked computers. These skills have become a lot more useful in the workplace and in schools recently and we discussed how we don't always have to be in the same room or geographically close to be able to work together. They were tasked with creating a slideshow for a presentation about the highest mountains in the world. They have used the chat function in google slides to ensure everyone in the group has a task.



Creating Landscapes 

Our art this term is creating landscapes using weaving techniques. We have started off by looking at different fabrics and creating a mood board using horizontal strips to give the feel of a landscape. We learnt about the foreground, midground and background of landscape images and built this idea into or mood boards




NASA camp training day


Class 3 and 4 completed a NASA boot camp. They took part in astronaut training activities such as designing exercises (to avoid muscular atrophy), creating a team mission badge, memory and precision tasks and even got to try some astronaut food to design a menu! They also created a prototype of a robot arm that could be attached to a rover or used at the International Space station. Everyone graduated with flying colours. 



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