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Aims of the Art and Design Curriculum

We encourage children to develop their artistic and creative abilities within the whole of the creative curriculum and cross curricular areas. We ensure the children experience a wide range of opportunities to develop a breadth of art techniques and skills.  They are also encouraged to plan and to manipulate a range of materials so that they can develop skills and individual ideas.  Children are encouraged to evaluate and appreciate their own work and the work of others in order to develop their appreciation of the arts.

The curriculum includes these strands:

  • Theoretical knowledge of a diverse range of artists, designers and craftspeople and about processes, techniques and skills
  • Practical knowledge of skills for example drawing, painting, sculpture building over time and the use of sketchbooks to support practice and mastery of skills
  • Creativity of ideas using observational work, ideas from other artists and experimenting in choices of for example materials and colour. This work could be individual, paired or collaborative
  • Reflection on own and others' work either orally or annotations in a sketchbook or a final written evaluation at the end of a project.

Art and Design Programme of Study National Curriculum

Art and Design Intent, Implementation and Impact document

Art and Design Progression of Skills

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