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Welcome the page dedicated to Mathematics at St Patrick's Primary School! 

We love maths and we want to equip children and parents with the knowledge and understanding they need to support their maths learning journey. We hope that the information found on this page will be another step towards that aim. Please take time to explore the information here.


The Intent, Implementation and Impact document will give you a better idea of our aims and how we teach maths at St Patrick's Primary School.

We follow the White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning as a basis for our planning. Explore this website to find out more and discover the resources available to parents.




This document shows the maths concepts taught in each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. It is broken down into topic areas to clearly show the progression throughout KS1 and 2.





Our calculation policies allow for consistency in the teaching of calculation strategies, including written methods across the school. We follow a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to the teaching of calculations. We strongly advise you to read these to better understand how to support your child at home.





The use of mathematical vocabulary is key to children developing an understanding of mathematical concepts and their ability to communicate their knowledge effectively, to reason and to ask questions to deepen their understanding. We pre-teach topic related vocabulary, display it in classrooms and encourage it's precise use throughout lessons. Below is a progression document which outlines the vocabulary that should be taught to each age group.