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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

This page is for parents and children in class 2 (Year 2and 3). This is where you will find out what class 2 have been learning about, key information about routines and homework, and links to important websites. 

Class 2 Curriculum Planning 2022-23

Start of school year information letter to parents of Class 2 children


Class 2 have made pizzas as part of our design and technology work. We linked this work to our Science lessons on healthy eating and understanding food groups. We also discussed the need for working hygienically when preparing food. The children designed, made and evaluated the pizzas. Here are some of the children's comments: 


'My pizza tasted so good.'


'I liked the pineapple the best - it was nice and sweet.'


'The taste of my pizza was the best!'


'I would change my pizza by adding less tomato sauce and more pepperoni.'

Pizza making!

The Romans

The children are really enjoying their topic work on the Romans. They have been able to build on the knowledge they gained from our exciting trip to Vindolanda. In history we have found out about the social structure in Ancient Rome and researched some interesting facts using non-fiction books.

We have also thought about which sights and activities we would do, if we went to Rome.

The children have also designed and made mosaics after looking at examples from Roman times.

Roman mosaics

The Romans


In Literacy we are reading Winter Sleep - A hibernation story. We have predicted what the title of the book might be using the front cover without the title. We have explored winter using our senses to describe a wintry scene and produced some beautiful poems, which the children have read aloud to the class. This week we have been thinking about the main characters in the story, Granny Sylvie and her grandson. The children have been writing a letter in role as the child and described all the exciting things they could see or do on holiday in the countryside with Granny. This book links so well with our science work about Animals including humans and has reinforced scientific knowledge.

Winter Poems

Winter Sleep - A hibernation story

We have been reading about hibernation of different animals in winter and we found out about hibernation for fish and amphibians. We set up an investigation with toy fish and frogs and took the temperature of water every 20 minutes to see how the temperature changed and how long it took for ice to form. 


We have been finding out all about Animals including humans. We have learnt about the life cycles of different animals and what the needs of different animals are, as well as thinking about how we can keep healthy with a balanced diet and exercise.

What are the basic needs of animals?

Here are some useful websites for you to use at home to practise key skills.