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In school, your child will participate in class reading activities and enjoy listening to the class story. Details of the term’s class books are on Class 2’s webpage. Children, who still need to access focused Phonics lessons, will also read as part of these sessions using books carefully matched to their reading ability. Every child will bring home individual reading books to read independently and/or share with parents/carers. Please read regularly with your child at home – little and often is the best approach. Children will either read colour banded reading books or Accelerated Reader books (mainly for Year 3), which involve an online quiz taken in school to test their understanding of the text. For shorter reading books, it is really important that children read their book 2-3 times. This will enable them to build their sight vocabulary and fluency and also increase their understanding of the text.  Please write a comment in your child’s reading record when you listen to them read. I also encourage children to write comments and if applicable, record their book quiz scores. Children will have a daily opportunity to change their books, if they have finished reading them.

Sharing a book can be…

  • Hearing your child read aloud
  • Sharing/alternate reading aloud
  • Reading to your child and talking about the characters or story line
  • Silent reading

Remember to ask questions about the story or non–fiction text

  • Can they predict what will happen next?
  • How would you feel if…?
  • Who is your favourite character and why?
  • What was your favourite part of the story and why?
  • Can they relate it to their own life/experiences?
  • What would be a better title for the book?