The Head Teacher is responsible for the organisation and management of the school on a day to day basis, overall responsibility lies with the Governing Body.  This includes assisting with the appointment of staff, ensuring the finances and premises of the school are effectively and efficiently used and having an oversight of the curriculum. St Patrick’s CE School governing body  hold a minimum of three Full Governing Body meetings per year as well as regular committee meetings. Governors also visit school to monitor and discuss with staff aspects of the School Development Plan. 

  • Relevant business & pecuniary interests  :  Mrs Kos,  Mrs Sanday, Ms Beavis, Mrs Galbraith

  • Nature of interest :   Ms Beavis – Director of FMB and Treasurer of Endmoor & District Sports Association

                                                    Mrs Sanday – Employed by Endmoor Pre-School & Crosscrake CE School. Temporary support staff at St Patrick’s CE School

                                                    Mrs Kos – Employed by Crosscrake CE School & St Patrick’s CE School

                                                   Mrs Galbraith – Employed by Warton Archbishop Hutton’s Primary School.   Secretary of Endmoor Sports Committee.  Vice Treasurer of Friends of St Patrick’s CE School


  • Relationships with others  :  None

  • Governance in other educational institutions  :  Mrs Kos, Mrs Sanday & Mrs Galbraith


St Patrick's CE Primary School, Endmoor