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Year 6 Transition

Welcome to your Year 6 Leavers page!


Towards the end of summer term we usually start thinking about how we can best prepare you for the exciting adventures ahead. Circumstances are somewhat different this year, but we are still going to do our best to support you in any way we can. There will be a new blog started on Purple Mash, which only year 6 pupils and teachers can access, where you can discuss anything that you are looking forward to or nervous about and ask questions. You can also use it to reminisce about your times at primary school if you wish.


In addition to this we are going to be completing a booklet of activities to help us think about and prepare for our move to secondary school. I will add a few pages to this page of the website each week. You can either print them out, or if you prefer, you can find yourself a notebook/scrapbook and use it to create your own Transition Book.


This week, we are starting by thinking about the past and present. I would like you to fill in details about yourselves and your friends and family.  Then take a look back at your journey so far. This is just for you. There is no need to share with anyone else, although you can if you want to.