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Year 6 Transition

More about high school


This week, let's think a little more about what high school will be like. Complete the pages in the Powerpoint to get you thinking about the subjects you will be having, what your school day will look like and what equipment you will need. 


QES and Dallam have now got a a page of their websites dedicated to the transition of their new year 7 pupils (you!). I have put the links below. QES have a lovely video to watch, answering some of the FAQ's they get from year 6's and their parents. Dallam have created their own transition booklet with information and examples of timetables to help you imagine what life will be like. They also have a meet the teacher page and much more!


It might be worth spending a bit of time with your parents exploring the websites further for more information. The work you have been assigned this week asks you to think about what extra curricular activities you would be interested in doing. Could you use the school websites to find out what is available before you answer?