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This weeks topic tasks are base on the book 'Leon and the Place Between'. I have given you a few art and DT tasks to choose from. You don't need to do them all, one or two would be plenty.


Design Technology

  • Make a new page for the story using pop-up techniques. Could the jugglers ‘leap’ out of the book or could Leon come out of the box when you open the page?
  • Create a model of the show tent or of the mechanical toys.
  • This book features a ‘hole’ in the pages when Leon enters and exits the box. Can you use a similar technique in your own book or drawings?



  • Create a set of posters and flyers to promote Abdul Kazam’s amazing magic show.
  • Look at the illustrations of the show tent before and after the show. How do they compare? Can you create two pictures of a place before and after an event takes place?
  • Watch this video showing how the illustrator created the images for the book. Could you use similar techniques to create images for your own story (or for a popular children’s book)?