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Geography of Greece


I would like you to explore the geography of Greece this week.


Have a go at some or all of the following tasks:


  1. Go onto Google Earth and search for Greece to take a closer look at the County from above. Zoom in on any area that look interesting.
  2. Draw the Greek Flag
  3. Print out the blank map of Greece and label the following.
    • Athens
    • Mount Olympus
    • surrounding seas
    • surrounding countries
    • some of the larger surrounding islands
  4. Find out what the terrain is like in Greece and shade the mountainous areas in brown and lowland areas in green


It will help a lot if you have an atlas at home, however, if you don't, take a look at the websites below to help you. For the final task, finding out about the terrain, you may wish to search for a physical map of Greece. Remember, physical or topographic maps will show the natural features of a landscape and a political map will show the names of cities and countries and the position of borders.