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Class 2's science topic this term is light. This week's objective is to understand how to be safe in the sun. If you can't print out the worksheets, just record your work on a blank piece of paper.

1. Use the PowerPoint and pause to use the activities when prompted. Say Villain or Hero about the sun  statements to say whether they are good or bad effects.

2. Set up an experiment by cutting some shapes out of black card. Put these shapes onto a piece of coloured paper. Place it in a sunny spot for a week. After a week, take the shapes off and observe what has happened to the coloured piece of paper. What does this tell us about the effects of the sun.

3. Design a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat that will protect someone's eyes from the sun. Then draw and write an advert to tell people why they should buy your sunglasses or hat.

4.  Extra activity: If you fancy a craft activity, make a paper plate sun using the instructions.

 You will also find a light 'knowledge organiser' in the files below. This will give you and your parents a good idea of the knowledge we will be covering in science this term.