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Class 2's science topic this term is light. This week's objective is to explain how mirrors work. If you can't print out the worksheets, just record your work on a blank piece of paper.

1. Use the PowerPoint and pause to use the activities when prompted. Use the Mirror Games Activity sheet to record your work for both activities.

2. Write a message on a piece of paper and hold a mirror at the right hand side of the page. Copy the message you can see in the mirror on another piece of paper, so your writing is reversed. Give this message to someone and hold the mirror at the left hand side. Can they read your message in the mirror?

3. Draw a wavy line outside with some chalk. Hold a mirror above you so you can see the line and your feet reflected. Be very careful while you try to walk along the wavy line by looking at the reflection above. Do it very slowly. Why does looking in the mirror make it hard?

4.  Extra activity: Devise a Marvellous Mirror Quiz for someone to answer.

 You will also find a light 'knowledge organiser' in the files below. This will give you and your parents a good idea of the knowledge we will be covering in science this term.