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Class 2's science topic this term is sound. This week's objective is to identify how sounds are made and identify sound sources. If you can't print out the worksheets, just record your work on a blank piece of paper.

1. Use the PowerPoint and pause to use the activities when prompted. 

2. Complete the Mind Map to show what you already know about sound.

3. Watch the video clip to hear the different sounds various instruments can make.

4.  Put rice/lentils on a container covered with clingfilm and tap it like a drum. What happens to the rice/lentils? Why does this happen?

5. Do a sound survey in your house/garden. What sounds can you hear? How loud is it? What was vibrating to make the sound?


 You will also find a sound 'knowledge organiser' in the files below. This will give you and your parents a good idea of the knowledge we will be covering in science this term.