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Electrical Safety

This weeks activities are all about safety with electricity. Have a look at the first 2 links below to find out about how to be safe around electricity, particularly in the home. 


Once you have learnt about how to be safe, create a poster, aimed at younger children in school, to warn them about the dangers and to explain how to stay safe around electrical items. I would love to see your finishes posters!


Extra Challenge

If you are in year 5 or 6, or you would just like an extra challenge, use the final link below to learn about electrical conductors and insulators.

Can you explain what the words 'conductor' and 'insulator' mean? How do you think understanding about these can help us to be safe around electricity?

You can either write your answers to these questions down and send them to me on Purple Mash, or you can discuss it with an adult at home.