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Class 2's science topic this term is light. This week's objective is to explain how shadows are formed. If you can't print out the worksheets, just record your work on a blank piece of paper.

1. Use the PowerPoint and pause to use the activities when prompted. 

2. Plan your investigation into how big a shadow is when you change the distance a torch is away from an object. Use the Comic strip planning sheet to help you. Place a light source at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm away from an object. Measure the size of the shadow formed each time.

3. Record your results on the Results and patterns sheet. What do you notice? Think about this: the closer the light source to the object, the  _______________ the shadow.


 You will also find a light 'knowledge organiser' in the files below. This will give you and your parents a good idea of the knowledge we will be covering in science this term.