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Class 2's science topic this term is light. This week's objective is to understand that we need light to see and dark is the absence of light.

1. Use the PowerPoint and pause to use the activities when prompted.

2. Create a mind map: what do you already know about light? What creates light? What are reflections? How are shadows formed?

3. Next look at the pictures in the sorting game: which are light sources? Which are not light sources?

4.  Ask a grown up to put 5 objects in a bag without you seeing. Then feel the objects and draw them either on the recording sheet or on a blank piece of paper. Then look in the bag and draw them again. Were you right?  Finish off by completing the sentences on the Light Activity sheet with the correct words. The easiest is the 1 star sheet and the 3 star sheet is the most difficult. Check using the answer sheet.

 You will also find a light 'knowledge organiser' in the files below. This will give you and your parents a good idea of the knowledge we will be covering in science this term.