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New Starters

New Reception Parents Information

Due to the current closure, we are unable to organise our meeting for parents at this time. We have therefore put together some information about our Early Years education at St Patrick's for your information. 

New Parents Information

Welcome to our New Starters page. Here we will begin to post information and activities to help your child to get ready for their first days at school in September. 

We look forward to meeting you all!

Activity One

Have a go at drawing and colouring a picture of yourself and writing your name underneath. 


Activity Two

Have a go at recognising the colour of things around your house, garden or if you are out on a walk with your family. Draw and colour some of the things you see. Remember to write your name on all your pictures.


Activity Three

Count objects around your house, for example, count how many apples you have in the fruit bowl, count how many knives or forks you need at dinner time, count how many flowers outdoors. 

Have a go at writing numbers 0-5. Remember to write you name on your work.

Below is a document (see page 2) showing you all the upper and lower case letters we use. This might help you when your child is writing their name.

I can't wait to see everything you have done. Keep them so you can show me at a later date. 

See you all soon.

Mrs Healey smiley


Hello to all the new children and parents,

I just wanted to introduce myself as we aren’t able to meet in person at the moment.

I’m Mrs Healey and I will be your child’s teacher in September. We are also very lucky to have a wonderful Teaching Assistant, Mrs Knowles in our class with us.


We are looking forward to your child starting school with us in September. We understand it is quite a big transition for the children and we like to settle them in with a few half days, and then they come to school full time. We want your child to feel comfortable coming to school and develop a love of learning.


I just wanted to give you a few ideas to help prepare your child for starting school in September. These are just some ideas; please don’t feel you have to have your child doing everything.


Just a few things for you to do together:

  • Practise holding and controlling a pencil or pen correctly by colouring or drawing some pictures.
  • Have a go at writing your own name (we use pre cursive letters from the beginning in Class 1 and to help you with that I will put a link on the web page showing you all the letters). One key rule is ‘We always start On the Line’.
  • For number work/maths you can count objects around the house and garden, recognise numbers, link numbers to a certain number of objects, talk about the shapes of everyday objects (a square window), how many sides does the object have etc., filling and emptying tubs with anything you can find and looking at the size of things you see.
  • Recognise different colours and use them for a purpose, for example, colour a picture of a yellow banana.
  • Read lots of books together.
  • Do lots of imaginative play and retelling of stories.


Make everything fun and just include it into your normal daily activities.


I can’t wait to meet you all soon.


Mrs Healey