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For maths this week, please complete the daily home learning activities for Week 11 on the White Rose website. The link for this is above and is also  on the home learning page. There is a separate activity for each year group. The tutorial video is still available on the website, however the worksheets are no longer available alongside them, so I have put the corresponding worksheets below. Answer sheets are on this page too. Don't worry if you can't print out the sheets, just have a go at answering them on a separate piece of paper. 

There are also daily maths lessons on the National Academy website for you to try. The link below will take you to this website. Click on Find Lessons, then Subject and then you can choose the Year group you need. There will be a choice of curriculum areas for you to choose from and a selection of lessons to use.

There are some specific lessons to use on Temperature, Volume and Capacity for Year 2 and Mass and Capacity for Year 3 to link with this week.

Please remember to continue using Times Table Rockstars to practise your quick recall of multiplication facts and you can use Numbots to practise quick recall of addition and subtraction number bonds. The link is on the main page for Class 2. Also there are activities  I have added onto  Purple Mash to practise key skills in  Time.