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For literacy this week I would like you to tell me all about your favourite superhero. You could even use your imagination and make up one of your own.

Using some adjectives, write a description of your super hero. 

What is he or she called, what does he/she look like, what colour hair and eyes does he/she have (blue, curly hair), what do they wear (purple leggings with bright green underpants over the top, and an orange cape with pink spots), how big/small they are, what are their super powers and why are they your favourite super hero? 


Draw a picture of your super hero once you have finished your writing. 


I would love to see some of your writing when you have completed a task. You can share what you have done with me by asking your parents to email it to me (just take a photograph of your hand written work and ask your parents to email the images to me), or by uploading your work to Purple Mash and saving it in your 'my work' folder.


I can't wait to read what you have written!

Reception keep practising writing your name and the tricky words. 

To start with practise phase 2 and 3 words on the mat below.

Year 1 keep practising reading and writing the 100 high frequency words on the mat below.