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Writing task

This week’s writing task is based around the image in the attached Powerpoint, which you can also view by clicking on the link to pobble365. There is an activity to carry out on each slide of the Powerpoint. I recommend you do a slide each day this week.

Monday - Task 1: Read the story starter. We are going to identify the expanded noun phrases. Watch this clip for a simple explanation of noun phrases. Then have a go at finding them in the story opening. An example from the story opening is ‘his massive wings’ You will be writing your own story opening for this image, so you can use this one as your WAGOLL (what a good one looks like)

Tuesday - Task 2: Read the questions on slide 2 and discuss possible answers with a family member. You might both have the same answer or they might differ. You can write down your answers and send them to me if you wish.

Wednesday - Task 3: This is where you experiment with the position of an adverb in a sentence. Follow these steps:

1.Write your own simple sentence about the image. For example ‘The bird swooped down.’

2. Think of an appropriate adverb to describe the verb e.g. gracefully.

3. Try inserting the adverb into the sentence in various places.

4. Decide which positions don’t work at all and, of the ones that do work, which sound the most effective? Which would you choose to use in your story?

Thursday - Task 4: Improve the sentences using one or more of the following:

  • Adverb
  • Adjectives
  • Prepositions phrases
  • Extending sentences with conjunctions

You can add words, but you can also change the words that are already there to make them more powerful or descriptive.

Friday - Task 5: This is you main writing task.

I would like you to write  your own story opening. Remember to describe the character (the birds) and the setting. You need to try and ‘set the scene’ for the rest of the story by giving some clues about what the birds are doing and where they might be heading.