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This week’s English is based around the image in the attached Powerpoint, which you can also view by clicking on the link to pobble365. There is an activity to carry out on each slide of the Powerpoint. I recommend you do a slide each day this week.


Monday - Task 1: Read the story starter. It has some very interesting and powerful vocabulary. I would like you to pick some of your favourite words then complete the following:

  1. Find a definition (or write your own if you already know what it means)
  2. Find a synonym (a word that means the same thing)
  3. Find an antonym (a word that means the opposite)
  4. Draw a picture to illustrate the word

You might not be able to complete all 4 tasks for every word. Some words may not have an antonym. If you are unsure, you could try these words: dell, waltzed, labyrinth, serenity.


Tuesday - Task 2: Read the questions on slide 2 and discuss possible answers with a family member. You might both have the same answer or your answers might differ. You will need your imaginations for this one!


Wednesday - Task 3: This is your main writing task this week, so it may take a little longer. You are going to write a dialogue (conversation) between Amy and the owl, as if it is part of a story. You have been set some grammar tasks to revise the use of punctuation in dialogue on purple mash, so it may be useful to do these first to jog your memory. It may help to complete the speech bubble sheet below to help you to plan your conversation.


Challenge: try to include a relative clause in your reporting clause.

E.g. “Hello,” said the owl, who had been watching Amy for some time.


Thursday - Task 4: Improve the sentences using one or more of the following:

  • Adverb: The girl sat comfortably on the ground.
  • Adjectives: She was being watched by a curious owl.
  • Prepositions phrases: It was a nice place in the depths of the forest.
  • Extending sentences with conjunctions: It was a nice place but the air was filled with an eerie silence.

Friday - Task 5: Pick from the two tasks and draw your picture.  


I would love to see your outcomes from any of the above tasks. Pick the one you are most proud of and upload it to your Purple Mash ‘my work’ folder, or ask you parents to email it to me.

Dialogue planner

Purple Mash

You have also bee set some grammar and reading tasks on Purple Mash which will help you practice the skills needed for this weeks English work.