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A Walk in London

This book has 2 parts: the story of a girl's walk around London with her mum and lots of facts about London.

We have thought about our own walk around Endmoor or Kendal or a different place we know well and written the recount of our walk.

 Now we will write some facts about each part of the walk. For example: if you wrote about Kendal, you could write some facts about Kendal Castle, or the park or the Leisure Centre.

Kendal Castle was built in the 1200s.

In Tudor times the castle became a ruin.

From the castle you can see views over Kendal.



North and South America

Read the statements I have given you about North and South America. Then write the questions you would ask to get these answers.

Remember the question words:




When ....?


Who ...?


North and South America facts