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Extract of Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

This week's English tasks are based on the story extract above. It is from the book 'Rooftoppers' by Katherine Rundell. Our class novel in September will be another book written by this author, so this will be a nice little taster of her writing.


Task 1 - Analysing the book cover

See the worksheet below for task 1


Task 2 – Reviewing a text/prediction

Read chapter 1 of the extract above. Next, read the reviews on the sheet attached below. Do you agree with the reviews? Why? Why not? What would you write in your review of the first chapter?

Prediction – how do you think Charles is going to get on looking after Sophie?


Task 3 – Vocabulary

What do the following words mean. Can you use context to work it out? If not, look it up in a dictionary.





What do you think it meant by ‘hair the colour of lightening’?


Task 4 – Evaluate a story opening

Complete the table on the worksheet below to evaluate how effective you found the story opening.


Task 5 – Main writing task

Write the story opening from Charles’ viewpoint.

Think about how it will differ from the original. You will need to include:

  • First person pronouns (I, me, my)
  • Charles' thoughts and feelings
  • The events in the same order, but you can add in extra details using your imagination for example, what happened to Charles in the lead up to finding the baby. We know he was on the boat and that the boat sank, but you could include more description and detail of Charles' experiences.