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If you would like some more resources for reading, please see the Purple Mash website. You already have your login details for this website. Have a go at the  reading tasks I have set on Purple Mash from the Serial Mash section.

To find these, you click on '2dos' on the home screen. They will appear on Monday 29th June and can be done at any point up until Friday 3rd July. You can choose from the easier text: Chapters 1 and 2 of Anna's Sports Day  and the relevant tasks or the harder text of Chapters 1 and 2 of Jimmy T and Mia B Ferocious Cake-off and the tasks about that story.

Writing Task

Writing task

  • Listen to me reading the story of Gorilla by Anthony Browne. It is on the shared blog page of Purple Mash. You can then read the text again either by yourself or with an adult using the PowerPoint above. You can also look really closely at the illustrations and look for all the details that Anthony Browne includes in his pictures.
  • Then answer the questions about the story using the worksheet I've given you. Think really carefully about the feelings of the main characters at different points in the story.
  • Plan and write a story using one of the following ideas:
  1. Write a similar story to Gorilla but base it on a different animal this time. You could be the main character or it could be Hannah again. Which animal will come to life? What activities will you do? What will happen at the end?
  2. Still writing about Hannah and the gorilla, what new adventures do they go on? Where do they go and what do they do?

Try to use lots of adjectives to describe settings and the characters' feelings and start sentences in different ways.

I've added some word mats to help you with this.​​​​

I would love to read your writing when you have completed the task. You can share what you have done with me by asking your parents to email it to me, or by uploading your work to Purple Mash and saving it in your 'my work' folder. This is simpler if you have typed up your story, but if you haven't then just take a photograph of your hand written work and ask your parents to email the images to me.