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This week’s English tasks are based around the story ‘Leon And The Place Between’. You will find a video clip of me reading the story on Purple Mash (follow the link above). Go to the Class 3 ‘Catch up’ blog in the ‘Sharing’ section. To watch the video, you will be asked to put in a password. The password is C3.


Task 1: Vocabulary

One of the reasons I chose this book was for it’s amazing vocabulary. Read the first part of the text in the documents below and make a list of interesting vocabulary the author has used e.g. beckoned, mechanical, pounding, solemn.

  1. Define the word (try writing your own definition before looking in a dictionary).
  2. Find synonyms for the word.
  3. Use the word in a sentence of your own.


Task 2: Explore the story

Watch the video again, pausing at the point when Leon is about to enter the box. Should he go in? Make a list of ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments.


Task 3: Describe a scene

Look at the image on the first page of the book (see below for a copy). There is no text on this page. I would like you to write a paragraph to create a description of the scene. Try and consider what the characters can see, but also what they can feel, hear and smell. You need to use adjectives and prepositions to create expended noun phrases.

e.g. The shimmering, golden ribbon fluttered in the gentle breeze.

Red – adjectives

Purple – preposition phrase


Task 4: Writing a list of actions

Paper flowers blossomed from his sleeves; silk scarves changed colour at a whispered word; water, poured into a hat, turned into night air.

You will all be used to using commas to separate items in a list e.g. Yesterday I went shopping, watched a film and read a book.

Here, the author uses semi-colons to separate items in a list of actions. We sometimes do this if we need to use a comma within the item. Can you have a go at writing a list of action that you might see happening on the stage of a magic show. You can choose to use either commas or semi colons to separate the items (it would be great to see year 6 trying semi colons).


Task 5: Main writing task-dialogue

Write a conversation between Leon and the boy on the carpet. There is a planning sheet below so you can think about what they could say to each other, and what words you can use in your reporting clause for variety (not always ‘said’). There is also a poster to remind you of the punctuation needed. Finally, you will find a WAGOLL in case you need a little more help.