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If you would like some more resources for reading, please see the Purple Mash website. You already have your login details for this website. Have a go at the  reading tasks I have set on Purple Mash from the Serial Mash section.

To find these, you click on '2dos' on the home screen. They will appear on Monday 22nd June and can be done at any point up until Friday 26th June. You can choose from the easier text: Chapters 4 and 5 of Skyscraping Sunflowers  and the relevant tasks or the harder text of Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Porchester Park Project and the tasks about that story.

Writing Task

Writing task

For your English work this week, please read the story opener on page 1 of the document above to get you started. Then have a go at the activities on pages 2-5. If you are not sure what to do, I have included below some hints and tips to help you before you begin the main piece of writing. 


Page 2    Sentence Challenge -

  • Make a list of adjectives to describe the dragon, for example: fierce
  • Make a list of verbs to say what the dragon is doing, for example: roaring
  • Make a list of adverbs to describe how it's eating, for example: messily
  • Write sentences using an adjective, a verb and an adverb, for example: Hungrily, the bright emerald dragon gobbled the huge chunk of meat.


 Page 3   

Question time - answer the questions about the story to deepen your understanding of the text. This will help you with your  writing task.


Page 4.

Sick sentences - Improve the sentences by including adjectives,  adverbs, better verbs or time adverbials.

For example: Trembling with fear, the young boy offered the dragon some delicious food.


Page 5.   Perfect picture - Draw a picture of the children teaching the dragon a new skill.


Write some instructions of how to train a dragon. Remember instructions usually start with a title using How to ......... You start with an opening sentence explaining what you are writing instructions for, then make a list of What you need. After that use numbers or bullet points for the ordered steps. You also need to use time adverbials ( First, Next, After that) and Imperative (bossy) verbs (Take, Tell, Feed).  You can also use adverbs to describe how to do something. Finish with  closing sentences - you could use an exclamation sentence or a question sentence.

 I've added an example text in a PowerPoint  for you to read and use as a model for your writing . I've also added a checklist of features of instructions and a template for your writing, if you need one.

I would love to read your writing when you have completed the task. You can share what you have done with me by asking your parents to email it to me, or by uploading your work to Purple Mash and saving it in your 'my work' folder. This is simpler if you have typed up your story, but if you haven't then just take a photograph of your hand written work and ask your parents to email the images to me.