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Writing task


This week’s writing task is based around the image in the attached Powerpoint ‘Around The World’, which you can also view by clicking on the link to pobble365. There is an activity to carry out on each slide of the Powerpoint. I recommend you do a slide each day this week.


Monday - Task 1: Read the story starter. Today we will be doing some vocabulary work. Start by finding out the definition of the word ‘unison’ and ‘incentive’. If there are any other words in the opening you are unsure of, you could find out what they mean too.

Next, try and use each of these words in your own sentence.

Finally, can you find any antonyms (words that mean the opposite) or synonyms (words with similar meanings) of each of these words.


Tuesday - Task 2: Choose something in the picture to describe and have a go at writing an expanded noun phrase as described on slide 2. e.g. The beautiful, red balloon glided through the sky. Extra challenge – can you write a sentence with 2 expanded noun phrases? REMEMBER: commas to separate adjectives.


Wednesday - Task 3: Think about your answers to the questions on slide 3. Share your thoughts with a family member or write them down.


Thursday - Task 4: Improve the sentences using one or more of the following:

  • Adverb e.g. The crew were extremely exited.
  • Adjectives e.g. The exhausted crew were excited.
  • Prepositions phrases e.g. The crew, high in the sky, were excited.
  • Extending sentences with conjunctions e.g. The crew were excited but they knew they had a long day ahead of them.

You can add words, but you can also change the words that are already there to make them more powerful or descriptive. Eg. The crew felt exhilarated.


Friday - Task 5: This is your main writing task. Write a diary entry of a contestant in the balloon race. It could be the first day of the race, or it could be the final day. Imagine you are coming to the end of the day, you take out your diary and recount what happened that day, considering how you are feeling and what important or interesting events took place. Think about the purpose of writing in a diary - what would your character want to remember about the experience?

Features to remember:

Past tense

First person

Thoughts and feelings

Informal style


Below are some examples of diary writing to read, in case you need some ideas on how to start.

I have also attached a planning sheet, so you can think through your ideas before you get writing.