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Writing task

For your English work this week, please read the story opener on page 1 of the document above to get you started. Then have a go at the activities on pages 2-5. If you are not sure what to do, I have included below some hints and tips to help you before you write your own story. 


Page 2. Answer the questions to get you thinking about your character. This will help you when you begin to write your story.


Page 3. Can you describe what the bear is experiencing using your senses? Finish the sentences by filling in the spaces.


Page 4. Improve the sentences by including adjectives, adverbs or time adverbials.

For example: Sadly a small, brown bear stood on the freezing platform.

Early one morning a well-dressed bear stood inquisitively on the unfamiliar platform.


Page 5. Try drawing a picture of what might be under his hat and in his suitcase. 


Now write a story about what might happen next to the bear. Where will he go? Who will he meet? What adventures will he have? What could happen at the end of the story – will he go back to Peru?

Try to use description in your story by using adjectives and adverbs. Remember adverbs can start sentences and this is a good way to make sure you use different sentence openers.